Teemu Suoja



About Me

I am Teemu

I am pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, with an expected graduation in December 2023. During my free time, I channel my creativity and technical skills into personal projects, primarily centered around games or anything that comes to my mind.
I have a deep fascination for technology and continuously explore various domains to expand my knowledge. While I possess a range of skills across different areas, my true passion lies in software development and system specialization. Continuous learning and growth are paramount to me.
I am actively searching for internships that offer hands-on experience and the chance to gain valuable knowledge in a dynamic professional environment. I strongly believe in the power of feedback and strive to incorporate it into my work, constantly seeking to improve and refine my abilities. If you are looking for a motivated entry-level IT specialist with a genuine enthusiasm for software development and system specialist roles, I would love to connect and explore how I can contribute to the success of your organization.


  • Web Development
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, SQL, Bootstrap
  • Server Management
    Maintain, Troubleshoot, and install Information and Computer systems. Server virtualization & IP networks (VMWare)
  • Software Development
    C Programming Languages (C, C++, C#), Unity
  • Other Known Skills
    • Design Patterns
    • Artificial Intelligence (Jupyter, Python)
    • Data analytics (R, Python)
    • UI/UX Design (Adobe Apps, Figma)
    • Blender


  • Web Development
  • Server Management
  • Graphic Design



Neogon Project

Neogon. My thesis project made for Android mobile devices with Unity game engine.


HDBeauty. Website made with Divi and custom code. Link to the website HDBeuaty.fi